Energised/ Mountainised / Naturalised Water

The Spyralyx device simulates the natural flow and surrounding influences of mountain streams on municipal/treated water and amplifies this natural effect.

In essence, modern treated water is instantly transformed into energised living mountain spring water. By Energised or Activated, we mean that the water gives off a beneficial, healing and growth animating energy/radiation. This water has a VERY soft effect and will rapidly de-scale water pipes.

By contrast, ‘normal’ water (by definition, most of our normal drinking water) actually gives off an opposite energy/radiation, which causes decay in many forms. The effect of this devitalized water is very apparent in the form of many of our chronic health conditions such as arthritis, eczema, psoriasis etc. This water has a very hard effect and often causes scaling and clogging of water pipes.


Contains NO moving parts and NO filters.

Does NOT rely on chemicals to function.

Requires NO maintenance.

Is highly energy efficient.

Simple to install.

Sizes to suit volume requirements.

It is important to LIVE and EXPERIENCE the effects first hand, please contact us to arrange a free trial.

Rental packages are available as well as sales, please contact us for more details.