1. First of all establish just where the incoming water pipe arrives in your property, ie from the city mains.
  2. Normally it is best to fix the Spyralyx on to the nearest wall, some 600mm away from the incoming water pipe. (the Spyralyx can also be mounted upside down, but normal is with the inlet and outlet at the bottom of the machine.
  3. Having turned the water off at the meter, it is safe to continue.
  4. Now cut out a section of the water pipe, of some 300mm to 400mm.
  5. Use the normal plumbing piping to connect the incoming city pipe to the inlet of the Spyralyx.
  6. Now using the same type of plumbing pipe, connect the outlet of the Spyralyx, to the rest of the water pipe going into the house.

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