How can this help you?

The SPYRALYX WATER ACTIVATOR is a revolutionary product that not only rejuvenates your drinking water, but also has a number of other positive and useful benefits. Your grass will be greener, your bread will remain fresher for longer, your animals will be healthier and more productive, your water and electricity expenses may be reduced, and your geysers and water pipes will last longer.

The Spyralyx activator re structures the water so that it becomes denser, and has a lower Surface tension. This promotes increased body hydration and nutrient absorbtion.

The lower surface tension and denser water dissolves hard minerals and enables the following to take place.

A, changes the molecular structure of calcium. So that it cant stick to itself and build up, ie the calcium goes into solution and passes through the body; or in the the case of a water geysor, it would fall to the bottom of the geysor, and be flushed out.

B, lowers the surface tension of the water, and increases the density; resulting in increased water absorbtion by both bread flour, and white rice. Approximately by 1% to 1,5%, and sometimes, depending the quality of the flour, by 2%

So, isn’t it time you took a step toward a healthier, more efficient lifestyle – one as pure and as natural as nature intended.