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Since installing the Spyralyx – Harnessing Healthy Energy Water System into our home, our water is noticeably softer and tastier. My 7 year old even noticed the difference! I’ve noticed my hair and skin are softer after showering in this water. I honestly can’t drink any other water now!

We have a live in domestic servant who has been living with and maintaining her HIV status for years, after the installation of the Spyralyx her CD4 count rose significantly within 6 months – so much so that the clinic she visits for her regular checkups were baffled.

Nikki Fitzsimons


Our roses are extremely happy with this water.

Johan Beukes


Topical application of SPYRALYX WATER to Psoriasis affected areas.

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that appears on the skin in the form of red scaly inflamed itchy patches. The cause of psoriasis is not fully understood, but it is believed to have a genetic component with various other factors such as stress aggravating the condition. While there is no known cure for Psoriasis, there are treatments available. However, due to its chronic recurrent nature, Psoriasis is a challenge to treat.

Attached are two photographs of my upper right thigh dated 7th July 2010 and 27th October 2010 respectively.
Initially, I applied the SPYRALYX Activated Water to the affected area topically, once a day for the first four weeks.
I subsequently drank two 750 mil. bottles of the SPYRALYX Activated water daily as well as applying it topically once in the blemished area.

At this stage, not having a SPYRALYX Water unit installed in my home, I have not had the opportunity of bathing
in the SPYRALYX Activated water as recommended.

I further wish to confirm that I have not been taking any medication ~ either orally or applied topically~ from the beginning of July to the end of October 2010, nor subsequently.

The only change to my normal routine is that I have started an exercise programme of going for a walk in the morning; three times per week and of at least forty five minute duration for each session

The first picture was taken on the 7th July 2010 showing the condition of the Psoriasis on my right upper thigh at that time ~ the second photograph shows the much improved condition as at 27th October 2010.

Looking Good!

Kind Regards


I have had the Spyralyx water system in my home since July 2010 and the differences in the water are as follows:

The water tastes different – we have done our own fun tests blind folded at home with regular tap water and the ‘new water’ and I can tell the difference 100% of the time! The water tastes slightly sweeter and feels softer somehow. My hair is in better condition, my skin softer after a bath or shower, I feel energised despite some nights with a shortage of sleep. My 19 month old LOVES the water, he drinks copious amounts and I don’t give him the option of juice at this stage of his life. Each morning when I wake up I immediately drink a 750ml bottle of water, it really gives one energy in a subtle but vital way?! When I put flowers in a vase with this water they seem to last longer.

The day I first put the water system in, the water coming from one of the geysers in my home turned dark orange, seriously dark orange! The geyser had been in place for about 12 years so it was time for it to go I suppose but this was amazing – the ‘descaling’ effect the water has, basically ‘descaled’ a hole that had developed and the orange water was a sign that the entire geyser had rusted so badly. According to my plumber this was a good signal and saved me from a burst geyser.



I have wanted a Sypralyx water energiser for months now, but I wasn’t able to afford the payment. Now, thanks to the more flexible structure of a significantly lower once-off payment, followed by monthly installments, I have been able to fit one in my home in Newlands, Cape Town.

I am thrilled and immensely grateful. There have been some immediate and practical changes. My water is softer (so I need less detergent; and I notice things are cleaner generally), it tastes beautifully pure and my grass was greener overnight. Then there are subtler changes, like being energised after bathing in it; feeling ‘well’ after drinking it;  and I am aware of its healing properties, so I know when I interact with it, that it is inherently good for me. My home really is my sanctuary now.

I have also noticed that scents ‘transfer’ with this water.I wash my hands with a natural soap, which contains ginger and I can smell the ginger strongly now. Before I couldn’t smell it at all.