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How the Device Works

Many years ago, Austrian forester and environmentalist Viktor Schauberger made a truly great discovery. After studying the natural flow of water in streams and rivers he concluded that in order for water to maintain its energy it must be allowed to follow its own, natural course.

According to Schauberger, the key to healthy, enlivened water lies in its natural whirling, swirling and vortexing motion. He demonstrated that not only can water cleanse itself both chemically and physically through this process but that it is also possible to design a machine that can mimic the simple yet powerful process of nature’s dynamic ways: turning lifeless, inactive water back into its living state.

The SPYRALYX WATER ACTIVATOR is a tribute to Schauberger’s breakthrough.


EXPLOSION is the term used to describe the un-natural and stressful flow of water, typically under pressure through straight pipes and man-made rivers. When ‘explosion’ occurs water heats up, expands, slows down and becomes stressed, leaving it degenerated and in an unhealthy state. Schauberger contends that this water will give off a ‘decaying’ type of radiation like a weak X-ray, similar to ‘bad’ orgone. (SEE ORGONE ENERGY BELOW)

IMPLOSION is the reverse effect. This happens when water is allowed to flow naturally, as witnessed when bath water spirals into the drain. When ‘implosion’ occurs water condenses, cools down and self accelerates. In this case Schauberger contends that this water will give off an animating or growth enhancing radiation, similar to ‘good’ orgone. (SEE ORGONE ENERGY BELOW)

The SPYRALYX WATER ACTIVATOR promotes water implosion. Through its spiral shaped copper pipes and other effective materials (SEE BELOW), the device simulates waters natural environment, giving it back its beneficial frequencies.

Other aspects that contribute towards IMPLOSION

The copper pipes, being a dia-magnetic material, act as a catalyst to the implosion process. In fact para- and fergo- magnetic materials will tend to be catalysts for opposite explosive processes.

The alternating diameter of the copper pipes creates a push pull reaction from the water. This alternating suction and pressure assists with re-enacting waters natural flow, re-vitalising it.

By creating two different paths of water, flowing in two different directions, implosion in the device is amplified.

Magnets inside the device have an ionising effect on the water, thus contributing towards implosion.

Discovered by Wilhelm Reich many years ago, Orgone energy is more commonly know as Chi, Mesmerism or ‘the force’ (as coined in the popular Star Wars films). It is a school of thought that prescribes to the belief that there is good energy, and bad energy.

Good Orgone Energy is much like Schauberger’s water implosion, in that it assists with the re-vitalisation of water.

Bad Orgone Energy is similar to the explosion of water, although not through straight piping systems, but rather from radiation and energy waves created by technology. I.e. infrared radiation, nuclear radiation, and electromagnetic radiation from all modern devices such as cell phones, etc.

The water that travels through the SPYRALYX WATER ACTIVATOR is exposed to Good Orgone Energy in the following ways:

ORGONE ACCUMULATOR: A cylinder incorporated around the copper pipes that traps and accumulates Good Orgone Energy. The cylinder contains alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials.

ORGONE GENERATOR: A cylinder incorporated around the copper pipes that contains organic resin with inorganic particles such as copper shavings and quartz crystals mixed in. This takes harmful frequencies of water before they go through the device and converts them into beneficial frequencies.


Beneficial frequencies of a natural nature can be recorded and imprinted into certain inert materials that surround the copper pipes. These frequencies then impart their beneficial properties into the water as it passes through the device. This is a form of radiation that is NOT electromagnetic and thus has a positive effect on the water.

So if you want to convert your water from an unhealthy, lifeless state into one that is re-structured, re-energised, and re-vitalised for your utmost beneficial consumption? All you need is an existing mains pressure system, the SPYRALYX WATER ACTIVATOR device, and one second later you’ll have water as pure and natural as nature intended; water that is full of life.